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Treasures from bygone times

Things found in nooks and crannies around the house

Things found in nooks and crannies around the house

With the pulling up of the carpet and cleaning, pulling down of some cabinets and cleaning up of some surplus to requirement partitions we have made a few historic discoveries. Here is a photo of the booty – looking very authentic with the tarnish, cobwebs, dirt and rust!

I need to get out the silver polish and some other serious cleaning impliments but it looks like there are some old coins, an ancient baby bottle, someones comb collection and a kitchen sink – aka the cutlery drawer complete with a new zealand army knife. Of course I am thinking that I hope some of it is worth some money so after the clean up you may see some items on trademe – more money for fruit trees!! Watch this space…


Snakes in the Garden

The new soccer pitch

The new soccer pitch

There are snakes in the garden – well that is what a 2/nearly 3 year old refers to worms as. If the insect life is anything to go on the vege garden is going to go off! With abundant worms (and snails – grrr) I am getting my hopes up.

So now the vege patch is cleared – and in true tea lady style I have decided not to put the vege patch there after all! It is the only flat patch of the section that doesn’t have any major trees – so it has now been allocated as a ‘soccer pitch’.

I am going to attempt the vege patch at the bottom of the section – but now need to clear again! And not just triffid like veges and borage this time, its all blackberry!! The IT guy has put an add out into the ether for a student. The ad states that it is the suckiest labouring job in wellington – but we are prepared to pay a whole $15/hr and give you a $25 bonus if you are a machine…. Watch this space.

Diving into the Vege Garden

Attacked the old vege garden this morning. It was full of borage – which is surprisingly easy to pull out – very instantly gratifying – like that! Bub senior helped, every time he wrestled a weed from the ground he yelled ‘I caught one!’ very apt considering most of the weeds were bigger then him.

Auntie Ann visited the cottage – I could tell she was seriously unimpressed with true gen x style. I could see her thinking ‘where is the heat pump?’. Hey man, where is the carpet? And the back corner of the house for that matter. Anway, her fashionable yet unpractical shoes got the better of her down in the garden so after that slight indignity (that we wont go into detail about) she high tailed it for civilisation – tramping off down the street with a slightly soggy bum to find a bus…. I hope we haven’t lost our free babysitter….. CFD I will need that recipe for damson gin to lure her back.

Spent the afternoon researching how to make compost. Now I have plans for a series of compost bins – I wonder if I will need a building permit?

Pulling Nails

After fortifying myself with cake and chilli chicken at the Parade cafe. I headed up to the Pump House Cottage with the IT guy. After carrying impliments down the 60 steps he lanched into ripping up carpet and I took some ‘before’ photos until I ran out of memory on the mobile phone – must remember the camera tomorrow. The garden is looking seriously overgrown – needs a mow desperately!

My job for the afternoon was pulling up nails and staples from the floorboards. Painful! Took 2 hours to get one room done. Getting up close and personal with the floor has given me a lung full of ancient dust and my mums rough scratchy sandpaper hands – need an intense moisturiser.

Found some old(ish) newspapers under the carpet from the 1970’s. Headlines being that a chick got sent to jail for 6 months for pretending to be a dude and marrying another chick.  If you are advertising for employees you can specify age and sex. You can buy two cottages in newtown for $8,500 and rent them out for $27/week! And a morris minor costs $650 to buy (rip off!) 

First official demolition has also been done – two flats are now one!

I even pulled out some weeds!

We are on a roll!

The Pump House Cottage – It Begins

The Pump House CottageTook possession of the pump house cottage yesterday! First steps towards self sustainablity and having the bubs fostered by wolves. Confused? Well so am I most of the time.

The pump house cottage is a run down little shack in wellington. All our families think we are crazy to have bought it as we were living the comfy life in Lower Hutt (hmmmmm) and now we are moving into a house that needs everything done.

The great thing about the pump house cottage is the section – nearly half an acre! Crazy and unheard of in wellington. It is right by the zoo – hence the hope that wild animals will adopt my children.

Anyway, the cottage offered up its first surprise yesterday – we were planning to have it rewired before we moved in (so I could sleep at night!) but behind the old circuit boards and switches was new wiring! A big surprise to all! So we only need new light switches, plugs, meter boards and circuit boards – sounds like a lot? Nothing compared crawling all around the neather regions of the house replacing all the wiring. So now we have more money for fruit trees!

The Wind! The Wind!

The wind today is doing my head in – good thing I am distracted – slightly – by feijoa trees. The IT guy got given two feijoa trees for fathers day – one from each of the bubs, and now I am wondering if he wouldn’t really miss one if it turned into a granny smith apple tree as if by magic…… I mean, feijoas are pretty gross, so who needs two trees? I am sure the rumor that they make more fruit if there is two of them is just some urban ledgend – or maybe feijoa trees mate for life – who knows – maybe if I split them up they will both wilt and die? Well at least it would be an interesting experiment.

Self Sustainablity is Not Cheap

Went out with the clan this weekend to look at plants for the new 1/2 acre we have bought. I have great plans of growing all our own veges and fruit. Not sure quite how that is going to come off as I am a bit of a ‘plant and hope’ kinda gardener.

Anyway, I bought lemon, orange and grapefruit trees and a blackcurrant cane (love! blackcurrant jam!!). It cost $100! That is an awful lot for these little trees/twigs to live up to – and the twiggyness of it all has not got me particularly convinced that there will be bountiful fruit bearing any time soon. I am an instant gratification type so I am going to have to learn the art of patience. Again – watch this space!

Oh, talking of arts, I have never been gifted in the art of spelling. I give up with it really, so pardon the creative use of letters, I hope the meaning still gets through.

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