Pulling Nails

After fortifying myself with cake and chilli chicken at the Parade cafe. I headed up to the Pump House Cottage with the IT guy. After carrying impliments down the 60 steps he lanched into ripping up carpet and I took some ‘before’ photos until I ran out of memory on the mobile phone – must remember the camera tomorrow. The garden is looking seriously overgrown – needs a mow desperately!

My job for the afternoon was pulling up nails and staples from the floorboards. Painful! Took 2 hours to get one room done. Getting up close and personal with the floor has given me a lung full of ancient dust and my mums rough scratchy sandpaper hands – need an intense moisturiser.

Found some old(ish) newspapers under the carpet from the 1970’s. Headlines being that a chick got sent to jail for 6 months for pretending to be a dude and marrying another chick.  If you are advertising for employees you can specify age and sex. You can buy two cottages in newtown for $8,500 and rent them out for $27/week! And a morris minor costs $650 to buy (rip off!) 

First official demolition has also been done – two flats are now one!

I even pulled out some weeds!

We are on a roll!


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