The Pump House Cottage – It Begins

The Pump House CottageTook possession of the pump house cottage yesterday! First steps towards self sustainablity and having the bubs fostered by wolves. Confused? Well so am I most of the time.

The pump house cottage is a run down little shack in wellington. All our families think we are crazy to have bought it as we were living the comfy life in Lower Hutt (hmmmmm) and now we are moving into a house that needs everything done.

The great thing about the pump house cottage is the section – nearly half an acre! Crazy and unheard of in wellington. It is right by the zoo – hence the hope that wild animals will adopt my children.

Anyway, the cottage offered up its first surprise yesterday – we were planning to have it rewired before we moved in (so I could sleep at night!) but behind the old circuit boards and switches was new wiring! A big surprise to all! So we only need new light switches, plugs, meter boards and circuit boards – sounds like a lot? Nothing compared crawling all around the neather regions of the house replacing all the wiring. So now we have more money for fruit trees!


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