Diving into the Vege Garden

Attacked the old vege garden this morning. It was full of borage – which is surprisingly easy to pull out – very instantly gratifying – like that! Bub senior helped, every time he wrestled a weed from the ground he yelled ‘I caught one!’ very apt considering most of the weeds were bigger then him.

Auntie Ann visited the cottage – I could tell she was seriously unimpressed with true gen x style. I could see her thinking ‘where is the heat pump?’. Hey man, where is the carpet? And the back corner of the house for that matter. Anway, her fashionable yet unpractical shoes got the better of her down in the garden so after that slight indignity (that we wont go into detail about) she high tailed it for civilisation – tramping off down the street with a slightly soggy bum to find a bus…. I hope we haven’t lost our free babysitter….. CFD I will need that recipe for damson gin to lure her back.

Spent the afternoon researching how to make compost. Now I have plans for a series of compost bins – I wonder if I will need a building permit?


2 Responses to “Diving into the Vege Garden”

  1. 1 Catherine September 22, 2009 at 8:38 pm

    Hope you saved some of the borage – I’ve been looking for some to plant in my patch, as it attracts bumblebees and other good pollinators.

    • 2 thetealadynz September 22, 2009 at 9:55 pm

      I did save some – I had heard the rumor that every good vege garden needs borage, and this rumor was confirmed when I saw them selling the stuff at the garden centre! Maybe this is another money making scheme!

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