Snakes in the Garden

The new soccer pitch

The new soccer pitch

There are snakes in the garden – well that is what a 2/nearly 3 year old refers to worms as. If the insect life is anything to go on the vege garden is going to go off! With abundant worms (and snails – grrr) I am getting my hopes up.

So now the vege patch is cleared – and in true tea lady style I have decided not to put the vege patch there after all! It is the only flat patch of the section that doesn’t have any major trees – so it has now been allocated as a ‘soccer pitch’.

I am going to attempt the vege patch at the bottom of the section – but now need to clear again! And not just triffid like veges and borage this time, its all blackberry!! The IT guy has put an add out into the ether for a student. The ad states that it is the suckiest labouring job in wellington – but we are prepared to pay a whole $15/hr and give you a $25 bonus if you are a machine…. Watch this space.


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