Bye Bye Scarey Stove

The scarey stove is leaving the building….. along with alot of other junk that has been crammed into this house and surrounds for the last few weeks, the trademe blitz is on! We have already got rid of the midget fridge and the much loved washing machine of the previous owner is now being coveted in a trademe watchlist by some salivating buyer. 

The Scarey Stove

The Scarey Stove

But the scarey stove is the star attraction! See it pictured here in all its glory. Why is it scarey. Apart from the fact that when we got the demo on how to work it there was alot of hair singeing, strategic blowing and gratuitous lighter and match usage going on the main problem is that you can just turn the gas on and leave it…. and the gas knobs, buttons and levers are all in easy reach of the investigative bubs… I had visions of the pump house cottage disappearing in a mighty explosion when I turned on a light switch..
It is a bit sad that the stove may be entering retirement – but just picture it in a lovely green pasture with cheese toasties flying around, kettles whistling in the grass, and great fluffy clouds of gas in the sky. But someone may want to continue to use it! You are a braver man then me!
So the scarey stove is now making a debut on trademe and someone is very interested in it – well alot of questions are being asked anyway. Check it out, and get your bids in quick, the auction closes on Saturday!

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