Mysterious Mail Muncher

Oh the mysteries of the pump house cottage. Yes something is eating the mail. Over the last week the most disturbing phenomena has been observed, the mail, has been nibbled. The odd creature that is finding sustenance on our bills and bank statements has the most discerning of tastes too – It always eats away the name part of the address away, it looks like a blunt hole punch has been randomly pummelled across the writing … makes for confusing allocation of the mail – sorry auntie ann – I accidentally open you mail – your student loan is HOW MUCH! The perils of getting your mail forwarded to your big sister…

Anyway – I had a few thoughts about what it might be, my hypothesis was based on the consumption pattern, mostly official letters, some junk mail and the fact that the accountancy journal was not touched (hhhmmm – some amount of taste displayed there – poor accountancy journal – nobody is interested in you) – I ruled out the postie (not into junk food) and prankster kids (too subtle) and settled on a slug – only such a gross and base creature could be capable of such mindless munching. But I was wrong!…

Eventually the villain was discovered, it was a stately snail – caught in the act – demolishing a high gloss picture of a mallowpuff on the new world catalogue. D Bob (one of the cats) is pointing to the damage in the picture below.

Mallowpuff Anyone

He was disposed of (the snail! Not D Bob) – not so humanely – I gave him to Pax – not a pleasant end for any bug. Never Mind!

This morning I collected the  mail and it was munch free – so no chance of accidentally breaking any privacy laws any more – all is right with the world.

NB – I have found the spell checker! Though I think the new found correct spelling is just not me…


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