Little Lost Cats

This made me giggle until it got painful! I spotted these lost cat notices on the board outside Patels on Aro St.


Here is the text for the two posters if you can’t quite make it out:



This is Napoleon. She is five months old and she’s gone off on an adventure. But she slipped her collar before she took off and we’re afraid that she’d be mistaken for a stray.

(P.S. She’s very friendly and loves mushrooms so they make fantastic bait.)

If you see Napoleon, please ring or txt Katie or Eli



It is hanging around Fairlie Terrace and we think it is too small to be out on its own.

Please call for more information


Seems these clever people are running around in circles catering for the same poor unsuspecting, mushroom loving cat!

The photos of the little runaway loving it up with adoringly caressing hands just makes it!

Someone has scrawled on the bottom of one of the notices ‘Looks like the same cat! Will try and call to tell them this notice is up’  – what a good Samaritan – really didn’t look like the juvenile delinquent was suffering from his truant episode!

Someone else who was also completely oblivious to the twin missing kittens on the notice board had helpfully scrawled a suggestion to post the cats details on google – hey even google (all seeing, all knowing one) couldn’t have made finding this cat any easier.

So did I rush for my mobile and beep boop beep in the number and call sad Katie and Eli who were crying themselves to sleep every night distraught over their AWOL cat? Haunted by dreams of Napoleon shivering and miserable, cowering as car headlight bore down on him…

No! I giggled until tears rolled down my cheeks! I moved on when I noticed people were looking at me a bit funny, but I quickly snapped this pic for you all to enjoy!

Is this serious? Who knows! Whether it is or not doesn’t really matter – it’s funny! Isn’t that what counts?…


3 Responses to “Little Lost Cats”

  1. 1 Ann April 12, 2010 at 3:18 pm

    Haha! Awesome!!!

    Btw, i visited the auntie ann archive. I knew i wouldn’t be able to keep from you just how large my student loan was forever. Ah bless!

    • 2 the tea lady April 12, 2010 at 3:34 pm

      Dear Auntie Ann
      Yes, your student loan is sad and sorry, but at least you have rediscovered your saving potential now. Thought you would like the kitty cat story btw – I still cry thinking about it….

  2. 3 Catherine April 13, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Sh*t, that is too funny. Hope all have been reunited by now.

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