House Renovation – A Cautionary Tale

Things are progressing at a great rate of knots here at the Pump House Cottage – though I am not sure that we are going in a forward direction. Plus there is a bit of a mystery – Where has the cottage gone…..????? 

Hey! Someone has left this building shell where the pump house cottage used to be....

No matter how hard I look – nothing here even slightly resembles the little zoo cottage bought back in september – confusing… 

Anyone seen a little blue cottage? 

Hey Pax! Can you spot the pump house cottage?

 Even Pax and Laurie are confused. And the IT guy has gone into hiding…… suspicious….. 

I am positive there used to be a little workingmans cottage here! Help!

And just what is burning???? 

Suspicious Fire

Oh well, maybe I came to the wrong address – lets go for a ride on the cable car and forget about it! 

Cable Car Caper!

From Laurie’s smiling face you would never guess that the first five attempts at this photo on the cable car caught her with a finger wedged up her nose. My quiet suggestion that she remove it resulted in her shouting back, for all to hear, I’ve got a BOGEY mummy! The laugh that she got from the surrounding passengers only made it worse! But I finally got a nice picture – she is all class! Pax, is just his usual ‘photogenic’ self….


2 Responses to “House Renovation – A Cautionary Tale”

  1. 1 Dad April 21, 2010 at 8:05 am

    Wow! “Shell” may be the wrong descriptor! I would suggest that “Skeleton” be used instead! 🙂

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