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In For Xmas

Whoa! It has been a long time since the blog was updated! I have been in a 6 month long fog of renovation, wintery weather, house hopping and website launching!

There are no photos this post – the camera has gone AWOL! But I can say that the plan is to be in for xmas! OK, it has taken a lot longer than anticipated – seems life just kept getting in the way so we have lived in 3 houses over the year – yikes! And each time we have shifted we have gotten rid of stuff – so we could now probably fit all our possesions in a campervan (hey that is not a bad idea).

The house is currently being painted Lolbolly, Midwinter Mist & Black White – No Resene ‘Whites & Neutrals’ for us this time! Bet you can’t wait to see the pictures?? Not long now….