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Where there is smoke…..

There is fire! Yes the fire brigade visited the pump house cottage the other day – and know it wasn’t because of some fanciful drill thinly veiling the kids desire to check out a fire engine – there was actually a fire!

The local firemen were called out to the pump house cottage late last thursday. Some over anxious neighbour had rung and reported a fire – and there was – we were having a good old fashioned burn up!

Check out this photo of the IT guy and the youngest fireman ever having a good old chinwag.

Even though the firemen came thrumping down the driveway with ‘your doing something naughty’ purpose – they left satisfied because we actually have a fire permit and did everything by the book – you can ask all the neighbours we wrote to telling them we were going to have a fire – crazy!

Now some tips if you are going to have a burn up:

1. get your washing in off the line first – I didn’t do this….

2 check the wind direction – away from the house is preferable – we didnt check this….

3. Shut up your house if the wind is blowing in anywhere near that direction – didn’t do this either

4. Prepare yourself for all the neighbourhood kids ‘dropping in’ with sticks laden with marshmellows – weren’t prepared for this

So now we have alot of smelly clothes, towels and linen, and a house that smells like a smokehouse, I am not even going to contemplate the damage to our carbon footprint! But our kids have new friends and photos with firemen – and we have NO MORE RUBBISH – not really bad result really.


Whats Happening at The Pump House Cottage

Clearing the Garden - Room for a Garage?

Clearing, clearing, clearing – and clearing. Funny thing has happened – the garden just got a lot bigger! We have been going crazy clearing out weeds, and we have been regaining a shocking amount of space in the garden – the place is huge. Check out the photo! Unfortunately this newly cleared space is now harbouring piles of wood (bought from the dump – yes you can buy stuff from the dump!) and piles of greenwaste (seems the laws of conservation of energy apply in the jungle and the weeds do not magically disappear once you have pulled them out). Not sure what is going to happen to this space – wood pile? Mulch pile? Sheds? Or maybe a garage? Watch this space…

IMG_3182I cleared all of this garden island during one of Lauries afternoon sleeps – any spare moment is spent in the garden! I have now planted a couple of vege in here to see how they get on – have bare dirt – will plant!

The Vege Garden - 16th NovemberThe vege garden is making progress too – seeds have sprouted – though I am still awaiting the appearance of the elusive Lebanese cucumber – I haven’t given up hope yet… The patch looks pretty green from the photos – but don’t congratulate me yet – most of the greenery is weeds – being the novice gardener I am I don’t want to go crazy pulling them out until I know which ones are my sprouting seeds!

Potatoes! (Not Just Weeds) GrowingSome wanted growths are pretty obvious – check out the potatoes! But the potential scatterment of the cucumber seeds by the cats has even stopped me from weeding the potato rows – excuses, excuses! OK the weeding is on the list!

I think a lot of the weeds sprouting are borage – maybe I could start a cottage industry selling borage seedlings – anyone for borage??



The $23 Trademe Kitchen Installed!Up at the house – not much is happening – but the “new” kitchen is in!  And it is awesome! One small prob – we only have a hot tap at the moment – the cold tap doesn’t quite line up with the sink (???) but that is OK – Apparently there is a new cold tap in the “pipeline” courtesy of Al Brown again – thanks! But even this Logan Brown kitchen karma will not make me like their paua ravioli. The rest of the $23 trademe kitchen ended up being freecycled, and so did the scary stove – freecycle is the new black – or maybe green….

Even Trademe Won't Take This One!But trademe – and even freecycle – wouldn’t take the old kitchen – here it is in all its ripped out glory – exposed on the front lawn…. and now disposed of and in the big rubbish tip in the sky… somewhere near Brooklyn Wellington….

Another Kitchen? For How Much?

Ok, so we bought another kitchen! This time we paid WAY too much – a whole $25!! Thanks Trademe! We actually bought the kitchen because it came with the option of a $50 oven – score! There is a bit of a story with the kitchen too – it came from an Island Bay home that used to belong to Al Brown of Logan Brown fame – the new owners were getting rid of Al’s much worn and loved old kitchen and accessories – so we now the new owners!

Stove SocialisingYou can tell he is a cooking fanatic as the temperature etc markings have all been worn off the stove – what temperature you are setting the oven at is pure guess work! The IT guy is on to it though and the spare parts to fix the problem are on order – I may have a working oven in time for birthday and christmas baking! Here is the stove – living it up in the dining room – having just a stove hanging out with us at meal times is great – compared to a whole kitchen!!

Al Browns Old Kitchen - ApparentlyI think that Mr Brown may be a bit horrified at the way the rest of his kitchen has been employed –  it is now my latest vege plot – housing tomatoes, rockmelon, cucumber, corguette and aubergine. I think my fellow gardener CFD put it quite nicely when she said it was ‘up-cycling’ must remember that term – it is going to be applied to alot of re-use around here! 

Using a kitchen cabinet for a garden was the inspired idea of the IT guy – not just a pretty face! Now all sorts of ideas are being thrown around – no dig gardens, cloches, cold frames! All of that may be in the pipeline – I will have to start googling!

But – when you think about it $25 is alot to pay for (effectively) a raised vege bed…. but everything costs too much these days – don’t get me started! Watch this space to see if the veges thrive in Al’s kitchen – or if it all turns to custard!

Watch this space!

Don’t Run! It’s Just a Kitchen!

Seems not just the stove, but the kitchen is scary too… As mentioned in the previous post, part of the $23 trademe kitchen is revisiting trademe – but on the dark side – i.e. the gratuitous money making side.

All was looking good, a keen purchaser had bought the few cabinets and bench that were surplus to requirements for $100 – serious profit!  Pick up was arranged for saturday – and all going to plan I would soon regain some room to move. But no! Things are just not that straight forward, seems the trademe kitchen likes the pump house cottage – seems the trademe kitchen is breeding and multiplying in the pump house cottage, seems there was undisclosed reasons the trademe kitchen was basically thrown at us for the paltry sum of $23 – it wont leave!!

Here’s how it went down – a petite bespectacled man with frail mother in tow comes to pick up the kitchen. First question “Is there another way to get to the road?” – not a good start – obviously the dude is daunted by a mere 60 steps…

Then he looks around and notes the kitchen cabinets towering all around him – the colour drains from his face – I start wondering if I have a bucket handy… I helpfully point out that it is only the few cabinets “over there” that he has purchased – but it is too late – his glasses have fogged and I can tell his brain is playing the tune from mission impossible. Excuses are mumbled and $10 is thrown at the IT guy (for his troubles) and the little man and mum are high tailing it up the 60 stairs in quite a spritely fashion – arrgggghhhhhh…..

So the $23 trademe kitchen is still clogging up the cottage. Ho hum.

But there is good news – the IT guy is going to rip out the old kitchen and replace it with some of the other bits of the $23 trademe kitchen today! Yay! Floor, you and I can get reaquainted – hopefully… But I am a bit worried – is there just something going on with this kitchen – something beyond my control…. watch this space.

$23 Trademe Kitchen

Yes! A $23 trademe kitchen – Bargain! Yet a curse…. The $23 trademe kitchen has taken over my house!
23-Dollar-Kitchen-2As you can see from the picture it is huge! There was only one little picture of two cupboards and bench on trademe so when about 10 cupboards, two benches, a wine rack, fridge unit, 2 shelves and a pantry turned up everyone was a bit surprised – false advertising to the max! As you can see from the picture – there is not only snakes in the garden, but in the kitchen too…. The bubs are struggling – not much play area left with a big bazzoka kitchen hogging the floor area, all a bit percarious too – everything is leaning againist everything else – one wayward sneeze and a bub could be caught in a dominio effect type situation!

So why were we buying a $23 kitchen anyway? Well we have a very manky bench and sink at the pump house cottage – and a second kitchen in the back (have I told you the pump house cottage is in fact two flats?) So we were after some quick fix cabinetry to kill two birds – cabinets to demankify our kitchen that we could prehaps re-use for the back flat (ohh the plans we have for the cottage – watch this space!)  But now we have enough cabinets for both kitchens and some left over to sell on trademe – check out the trademe leftovers.

But wait! There’s more – literally! The IT guy can’t resist a bargain and when offered other renovation cast offs at the pick up location of the kitchen – he could not say no. So in addition we are also now trying to find room for an oven, a cooktop, 2 windows, shutters, a firebox, a bathroom sink, and an extractor fan. Aaarrrgggghhh!

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